How to Turn a Pool Table Into a Dining Table

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Chairs

  • Table settings

The pool table already has a nice size for dining.

Pool tables and traditional tables both take up a significant amount of space in the home. Many rooms are simply not large enough to hold both items and still have any room for walking. A creative way to account for this is to quickly convert your pool table into a dining room table when the situation calls for it. If you do this, you'll get twice the usage out of a pool table and save on space.

Step 1

Measure your pool table with a tape measure. Standard pool tables are 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, but you need to know the exact size. Find out the length and width of the whole tabletop, not simply the area of the felt. your cover will go over the entire top.

Step 2

Go to a billiards store and explain that you need a pool table cover and give them the dimensions. There are several options at a billiards store, such as heavy-duty, multifold vinyl covers, covers made of leather or those made of hard plastic. Remember, you will need to store the cover somewhere when not in use, so a cover that folds up can be very beneficial. In addition, you can search online for a cover if you know your dimensions. Go to a hardware store as well if you need more ideas. Employees can offer you creative solutions using a wood cover.

Step 3

Place the cover on the pool table and make sure it fits. Put a tablecloth over the cover and your table will barely be recognizable as a gaming table anymore.

Step 4

Fit your table with chairs, settings and food to complete the conversion.


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