Displaying rolled towels in the bathroom -- whether bath towels, hand towels or even washcloths -- adds to a spa-like environment in the room while ensuring there are fresh bath linens on hand. Rolling the towels also saves a bit of storage space, as several rolled towels take up less room than the same towels folded and stacked. The key to an elegant towel roll is to keep the edges tucked out of view.

Towels with lilly
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Rolled bright-white towels add a spa feel to a room.

Rolling Technique

For either a bath or hand towel, align the towel on a clean, smooth surface, positioned so it is wider than it is long; alignment of a washcloth doesn't matter. Fold the left and right sides toward the middle so the towel is approximately one-third the width it was before folding. Run your hands over the folded edges to smooth them down, then roll up the towel from the bottom. Rest the towel so the exposed edge -- the top edge before you rolled it -- is on the bottom. Roll up at least three towels of the same size to make a decorative display. For a pristine spa look, use only bright white towels; for a colorful touch, display towels of various shades that go well together and also match the bathroom's color scheme, such as pale and dark blues or pinks and reds for a romantic touch.

Baskets, Trays and Bins

Display the rolled towels in a tray or tray-style basket atop a shelf or cabinet within reach of the shower, tub or sink. Stack the rolled towels in a pyramid or display them standing up as vertical cylinders to pack full a small basket or bin. Experiment with the towel display as what looks good to you may depend upon the size of the storage solution. Display fabric storage bins sideways on plain shelves for another way to stack and store the towels, or place a large basket under a sink or on a shelving unit within the bathroom. For a tiny guest bathroom, a vertical cabinet or console table outside the bathroom, fitted with a basket or fabric bin, may be used to store spare towels.

Crafty Containment

If the usual basket or tray-style storage seems a little too common for your style, repurpose finds from the flea market or your home. Opt for a freestanding wood or metal wine rack to stash rolled towels in individual compartments. If space allows, a vintage mail-sorting desk with cube-style compartments offers new life to an old-fashioned furnishing. Modern, narrow bookshelves and magazine racks that mount to a wall keep a simple, spa-like vibe in the room while providing plenty of towel storage space. Seal any wood items -- especially vintage or antique pieces -- before using them in the bathroom to protect them from moisture.

Extra Embellishments

Wrap individual towels, hand towels and washcloths with bits of raffia or jute to keep the linens in their rolled shape while adding a natural vibe to the display. Colorful ribbon that coordinates with the towels or the room may be used for a different look. Tuck small scented soaps or travel-sized shampoo and shower gel bottles between the towel and ribbon for overnight visitors, or offer the soaps and toiletries in an apothecary jar stored next to the towels. A display of a single fresh-cut flower near the towels adds an elegant touch.