How to Decorate a Kitchen Tuscan Style

Tuscany is world famous for its rustic, sun-drenched villas and its fabulous, earthy food. You can bring these elements into your own home and create a Tuscan style kitchen that is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to cook in. Be sure to make room for a large farmhouse table and plenty of dining chairs, as your family and friends will gravitate towards this inviting room.

Accessorize with Italian ceramics.

Step 1

Paint your kitchen an earthy color. Yellow and pale rust are popular Tuscan colors. Mix a glaze using a latex-based glazing medium and raw sienna tint for yellow walls or burnt sienna tint for rust walls. Apply this tint with a wide brush in an all-over pattern of brush strokes, a technique called color washing.

Step 2

Replace flooring with terracotta tiles. Include painted accent tiles or decorative trim tiles for a more elegant look.

Step 3

Install counter tops made of natural stone. Choose a color that will coordinate well with your walls and fit your budget. Avoid any surfaces that require a lot of care, as a Tuscan kitchen should be functional, not fussy.

Step 4

Hang a wrought iron pot rack from your ceiling. Use this for your most attractive pots and pans, including copper cookware.

Step 5

Choose a large, wooden farmhouse table that will age nicely with wear. Opt for the largest size that will fit comfortably in your kitchen. Arrange it in a prominent location. Place a buffet nearby for storing wine and linens, if you have space in your kitchen. Decorate your table or buffet with a linen table runner from Italy.

Step 6

Select accessories from Italy. Display hand-painted ceramics, such as a popular rooster pattern. Choose cooking utensils made from olive wood, as they will be both durable and attractive. Place pots of rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano on a sunny windowsill or shelf to add beauty as well as a touch of Tuscan flavor to your cooking.

Step 7

Opt for window treatments in natural materials. Keep curtains simple for a rustic look. Choose natural linen or sheer cotton.

Fiona Fearey

Fiona Fearey has an undergraduate degree from Temple University and a master's degree from New York University. She has been a freelance writer and editor for over five years. She has written for Pluck on Demand and various other websites. Other professional experience includes education, the arts and decorative painting.