Air Wick Instructions

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Air Wick creates scented oil warmers that can be plugged into any outlet to provide a pleasant aroma that will refresh and bring comfort to your home. The plug on the oil warmer is rotatable, which will allow you to plug the warmer into sideways or upside down outlets without spilling the oil inside the container. The Air Wick scented oil warmers come in a wide variety of scents that can be purchased as refills.


Step 1

Remove the cap from the oil container by rotating it counterclockwise.

Step 2

Hold the oil container right side up and push the top into the hole in the plug-in device. Do not screw in the oil container, just gently push it in until you can hear a click, which means it has locked into place.

Step 3

Plug the device into any outlet. If the outlet's natural position will cause the oil container to tip over, rotate the plug on the device to match.

Step 4

Adjust the fragrance's intensity level using the dial on the device. The least strong setting is one, while five creates the strongest aroma.


Step 5

Press the "X" button on top of the oil warming device to produce an extra surge of aroma whenever you'd like. Pressing the button will create a 10-minute cycle of extra fragrance.



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