How to Set the Time on an Acu-Rite 00593W Wireless Weather Station & Atomic Alarm

Manufactured by Cheney Instruments, the Acu-Rite 00593W wireless weather station and atomic alarm clock is self-setting, thanks to an internal radio receiver that picks up the atomic clock time signal broadcast from Colorado. Before you can take advantage of the clock's self-setting feature, you must go through a brief setup process to choose your time zone. You can also set the time manually.

Step 1

Put two new AA alkaline batteries in the battery compartment of the clock's main unit. Insert two AAA alkaline batteries in the Acu-Rite weather station's remote sensor unit. Observe the polarity when installing batteries.

Step 2

Press and hold the clock's "-" button for three seconds or until the letter "P" illuminates on the digital display; release the button. Press the "-" button repeatedly to scroll through the time zones; release the button when the desired time zone is displayed. Choose "P" for Pacific Time, "M" for Mountain Time, "C" for Central Time or "E" for Eastern Time.

Step 3

Press the "Set" button on the clock's main unit to force it to search for the atomic time signal; the clock should adjust itself to the correct time within five minutes.