Miniature stone houses get their life via a construction method similar to the building of human-sized stone houses. It's very important to carefully select the stones for both versions. Look for small, smooth stones that resemble squashed-down marbles of a uniform size. The finished miniature stone house will be a charming addition to a Christmas village or will make a long-lasting miniature dollhouse. Constructing the stone house educates a child about basic masonry techniques.

Step 1

Measure and draw a 1-foot by 6-inch rectangle for a footprint of the stone house on the flagstone with chalk, leaving a 2-inch opening for a front door.

Step 2

Place two rows of stones on the entire chalk outline.

Step 3

Mix 1 cup of cement mortar with water in a bowl until the mortar is the consistency of pudding.

Step 4

Add two more rows of stones on top of the first two rows, attaching the stones with a small amount of cement mortar.

Step 5

Cut a 2-inch by 6-inch piece of corrugated cardboard and insert it in the doorway.

Step 6

Continue adding stones in rows and attaching them with mortar, building up the walls. Insert a 2-inch piece of corrugated cardboard in an appropriate spot for a window. Build the walls at the front and back of the house into triangular-shaped roof eaves.

Step 7

Measure and cut two pieces of plywood into 7-inch by 8-inch rectangles with the table saw. Attach the rectangles to the eaves with mortar to form the roof.

Step 8

Paint the roof black and let it dry.

Step 9

When the mortar has set for 24 hours, remove the cardboard from the doorway and window to leave openings.