How to Mount an Axe to a Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Axe

  • Long screws

  • Stud sensor

  • Pencil

  • Electric screwdriver


Balance the axe on both your extended forefingers to represent the position of the screws in the wall.

Whether you want to display a decorative, historical weapon recreation or just keep a useful tool in a handy place, mounting your axe on the wall will keep it in sight but out of the way. Though mounting an axe is a simple process in principle, it's important to ensure your mounted axe is well balanced and securely attached, while keeping it accessible.


Step 1

Decide how you want to hang the axe. Two-sided axes will hang well straight up and down, with two screws placed on either side of the handle near the blade. A one-sided axe will hang best slightly on its side, blade facing down, with one nail beneath the axe head and another beneath the handle, closer to the bottom.

Step 2

Select screws according to the thickness of your axe and how you plan to mount it. Make sure to get screws whose length is at least double the width of the axe at the points where you're securing it to be hung.

Step 3

Locate a wooden stud in your wall with your stud sensor. If possible, find an area in your wall with many studs close together and where the studs are horizontal; this will give you the best options for hanging.


Step 4

Place the axe against the wall and mark the position for the screws with a pencil. Set axe aside.

Step 5

Drill the screws halfway into the wall. Be sure to keep them straight (parallel to the ground).

Step 6

Hand-test the screws for security. Make sure you can't easily wiggle or remove them by tugging or pulling on them with your hands.

Step 7

Place the axe on the mounted screws. Make sure the screws don't move or bend with the weight of the axe. If they do, add more screws along the axe's bottom edge to help hold the weight.


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