Replacing hardware on a thrifted or inherited furniture piece is a quick and easy update -- as well as being an economical choice for refurbishing a chest of drawers. Tie a piece of furniture into the rest of your decor by choosing decorative pulls with coordinating finishes or design elements.

Proper placement for drawer pulls
credit: Lindsey Crafter

Drawer pulls come in myriad shapes, sizes and finishes. They also require different types of hardware, so make sure you have the correct tools, screws and drill bits necessary for your specific project.

Types of drawer pulls
credit: Lindsey Crafter
Types of drawer pulls.

Step 1

With a ruler or measuring tape, find and mark the vertical center of the drawer on both sides.

Find center of drawer
credit: Lindsey Crafter

Step 2

Use a strip of painter's tape to connect the two marks creating a center guide. This will assist you in determining the placement of your drawer pulls.

Find center of drawer
credit: Lindsey Crafter

Step 3

Hold up drawer pulls in line with your center guide, to get a sense of where you want to place each pull. The distance will vary depending on the shape and style of your pulls, but be sure to space them evenly on the face of the drawer. In the example below, the pulls are placed one-fourth from each edge of the drawer.

Determine drawer pull placement
credit: Lindsey Crafter

Step 4

After determining the estimated position of your drawer pulls, mark the top hole or drill hole for your chosen pull's hardware.

Mark holes
credit: Lindsey Crafter

Step 5

Quickly find a vertical and horizontal measurements of this point from the edges of the drawer by using an L square. Use these measurements to mark the location of all drill points on remaining drawers before securing hardware.

Mark drill guides on all drawers
credit: Lindsey Crafter

Step 6

Use the appropriate screws to secure the pulls to the drawer or drill holes for pulls requiring tightening with a bolt.

Securing drawer pulls
credit: Lindsey Crafter
Drawer pulls
credit: Lindsey Crafter

Step 7

Use this placement method on bureaus, desks and kitchen cabinets -- just be sure to measure and mark before drilling into surfaces!

Step 8

Need help finding the perfect resource for hardware? Have a source you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments below.