The best thing about drawing a zebra print is you don't have to worry about doing the design pattern perfectly. The reason is no two zebras have the exact same black and white striped pattern on their bodies. Materials for this project are simple too--a piece of large drawing paper and one large chiseled black magic marker.


Study photographs of zebras to get an idea of what the design on their bodies looks like. Notice how the black lines follow the contour shape of the zebra's body and how they wrap around it. Use a photograph of a zebra as a starting point for the drawing, but don't worry about copying it exactly.

Let the white of the drawing paper be the white stripes on the zebra so only the black stripes have to be drawn and filled in.

Lay the white drawing paper horizontally out on a table and tape the four corners with masking tape.

Begin on one side of the paper with the large black marker and very slowly draw a series of long, crooked or wavy, unevenly spaced vertical lines. As the lines are drawn, widen them in the middle. If a line ends in the middle of the paper, taper it down to a point.

Stand back from time to time during the drawing and see how it is progressing. Make sure the lines have fairly smooth edges.

If there are still wide areas of white paper showing, fill in those areas with smaller black lines to complete the pattern.