Brookstone TimeSmart self-setting atomic clocks are programmed to set and reset themselves with very little effort from you. After a brief setup process, your Brookstone TimeSmart will keep accurate time and can be set to automatically correct for Daylight Savings Time. Though referred to as "atomic clocks," Brookstone TimeSmart self-setting clocks are not true atomic clocks because they do not keep time by receiving the radio-controlled atomic time signal from Fort Collins, Colorado. Instead, Brookstone TimeSmart clocks utilize a battery-powered internal clock to correctly set and reset themselves after power outages or other power disruptions.

Digital clock
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Step 1

Plug your Brookstone TimeSmart self-setting atomic clock into a standard wall outlet. Wait for the date and time to appear on the clock's display; Brookstone TimeSmart self-setting atomic clocks are set to Eastern Time by default.

Step 2

Access your clock's control panel to change its settings. Locate the square control panel on the bottom of your Brookstone TimeSmart clock. Remove the control panel cover and set it aside.

Step 3

Locate the time zone selector switch at the top of the control panel. Slide the switch to "A" for Atlantic Time, "E" for Eastern Time, "C" for Central Time, "M" for Mountain Time, "P" for Pacific Time or "H" for Hawaiian Time.

Step 4

Choose between the 12 and 24 hour time formats. Your Brookstone TimeSmart clock is programmed to display time in the 12-hour format. Flip the time format switch, located on the left side of the control panel, to "24" to set your clock to display military time.

Step 5

Set your clock to automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time, if desired. Locate the "DST" switch in the center of the control panel. Set the switch to "Auto" to have your clock change for Daylight Savings Time automatically. Set the switch to "Off" to prevent your clock from automatically adjusting for Daylight Savings Time.

Step 6

Replace the control panel cover to complete your Brookstone TimeSmart atomic clock setup.