How to Hang Ikea Clips Frames on a Wall

For anyone looking to hang some photos or other art on the wall cheaply and elegantly, IKEA offers a variety of frames. One nice style is the CLIPS series of frames, which has a minimalist look—a single pane of glass with nearly invisible metal clips holding the edges.

Mounting the Picture

Step 1

Disassemble the frame. Disconnect the clips and remove the glass plate from the backing.

Step 2

Mount your picture in the center of the frame. If your picture is smaller than the frame itself, you can place a sheet of backing material or construction paper behind your image to cover the excess cardboard.

Step 3

Place the glass back on the cardboard, taking care not to accidentally shift the contents of the frame. You may want to tape the picture down if this becomes too problematic; use loops of tape on the back to keep it from sliding.

Step 4

Reattach the clips.

Step 5

On each clip, there is both a hook at the top that goes over the glass, and a piece that clips into the slot on the back of the frame. Hook the top over the glass, then slide the bottom into place. Repeat for the other clips.

Hanging the Frame

Step 6

Location is important. How many other things are on the wall, and what are they? Abstract pieces should be spaced further apart, as otherwise they may blend into each other. Photos and other less-abstract paintings can be placed closer together. You also want the center of the piece to be roughly eye level, so that it attracts people's attention.

Step 7

Put a nail in the wall in the place you have selected. It should be roughly half an inch below the intended top of the picture and centered. For larger frames, use two or three nails, depending on the number of clips along the top edge.

Step 8

Hold the picture above the nail at around a 30 degree angle and slide downward until the nail goes into the clip (or clips). This may take a few attempts, but when it hangs, you are just about done.

Step 9

Either use a level or step back to see if the picture is hung straight. Adjust it if necessary.