Types of Cooking Spoons

Using the proper cooking spoon simplifies the cooking and serving processes. Save time in the kitchen and experience better results with your favorite recipes when you chose the right utensils. Cooking spoons are simple instruments and many spoons are interchangeable, meaning that one or more spoons fulfill the same need, but some spoons are simply better in certain situations than others.

A slotted spoon allows the cooking liquid to drain so the plate is not flooded when serving the food.

Slotted Spoon

A slotted spoon is a large plastic or metal spoon with slots in the base and a long handle. Cooks use a slotted spoon for stirring and serving foods that are cooked in thin liquids, such as vegetables cooked in seasoned water. The slots allow the liquid to drain from the food when serving and efficiently stirs the seasonings while cooking.

Solid Spoon

Cooks use a solid cooking spoon for stirring and serving foods with thick sauces. The solid spoon is the most common cooking spoon that effectively stirs while cooking and easily transfers the food and sauce to the serving platter or plate when needed. Solid spoons are best used with gravy, marinara, Alfredo or other sauces that are eaten with the food instead of sauces that are only used as cooking mediums.

Wooden Spoon

The wooden spoon is a simple, yet effective stirring spoon.

A wooden spoon is an alternative to the solid spoon that you can use in non-stick pans that a metal spoon may scratch. A wooden spoon has a small base, so it is not useful as a serving spoon, but the strong wooden handle makes it ideal for stirring. Wooden spoons can handle heavy dishes that can be difficult to stir, such as macaroni and cheese, thick cake batters or pie fillings.


A ladle is perfect for serving soups.

A ladle is a spoon with a large, scooped end that holds liquid. Cooks use the cup-like end of the ladle to stir and serve soups, stews and drinks. The ladle holds larger amounts of liquid than other types of cooking utensils to transfer thin broths and liquids that are an essential element of the dish.

Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are an indispensible item for a kitchen.

Measuring spoons provide accurate measurements from 1/4 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. Adding ingredients in the proper amounts often makes the difference between a delicious dish and an inedible one. Measuring spoons, like measuring cups, ensure that the ingredients used are the appropriate amounts for the dish so that the final result is the same every time.

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