Build a Large Display Case

Display cases are a nice addition to any room in the house. What you are displaying will be one factor in choosing where you might want to put a display case. For example, if you have bowling trophies and an office, you may want to build a display case to show off your trophies in your office. If you're a collector of whatnots, a nice custom made display case in the living room or family room would fit perfectly. Surprisingly, it is not real difficult to build one of these, and if you have the right tools, it can go together in a snap. A few decisions should be made before beginning the project, including using paint or stain as a finish, height, depth, and width and whether or not you'll have doors or lighting included in the project.

Bobble-heads Display Case

Step 1

Lay two of the 4' 1"x8" pieces of lumber on the ground next to each other. Mark the center of each one and draw a line across them. This mark will be used to set the center shelf in place.

Step 2

Place the 4' pieces of 1" x 8" lumber on the ground and fashion them into a square. Do this by placing two of them between the other two pieces.

Step 3

Secure the pieces which are between the other pieces with 6-penny finishing nails. Next, place the center shelf on the lines from Step 1, and secure the pieces on either end with six-penny finishing nails.

Step 4

Set all the nails using the nail set. Fill all the nail holes with wood putty.

Step 5

Place the 48" square ¼" plywood over the box you created, and tack it in place with the four-penny box nails around the edges. Next, mark the center of the plywood to coincide with the center shelf and draw a line. This will help secure the back to the center shelf. Once this is complete, allow the putty to dry. Sand the entire display case in the areas that will receive paint or stain with 100-grit sandpaper.