Instructions for a SioScan Atomic Clock

SkyScan atomic clocks use an internal radio receiver chip to intercept the WWVB time signal broadcast continuously from the National Institute of Standards and Technology research center in Colorado. SioScan refers to the internal thermometer found in SkyScan atomic clock models with weather station functions. Thanks to accurate and convenient radio-controlled time-keeping, setting up your SkyScan SioScan atomic clock requires very little effort.


Step 1

Insert two AA batteries in the battery compartment of your SkyScan SioScan clock. Observe the indicated polarity when installing the batteries in your clock.

Step 2

Wait approximately five minutes while the clock searches for the WWVB time signal.

Step 3

Select the correct time zone for your clock after the tower icon on the digital display stops flashing. Press the "Wave Zone" button, then release. Press the "Wave Zone" button repeatedly until the correct time zone indicator is displayed. Choose "EST" for Eastern Time, "CST" for Central Time, "MST" for Mountain Time or "PST" for Pacific Time.

Step 4

Place the clock near a window that faces Fort Collins, Colorado overnight; the clock will have automatically set itself to the correct time and date.

Step 5

Find a permanent position for your SkyScan SioScan clock. For best results, choose a location that is at least 6 feet away from electronic devices, such as televisions and computer monitors, that may interfere with your clock's ability to receive the WWVB time signal.