Creative Ideas of Making Picture Frames

Customized picture frames add interest and appeal to photo displays and make thoughtful gifts for family, coworkers and friends. Showcase your favorite photos in unique picture frames that you create yourself. Decorative-themed frames enhance the pictures they contain and are sure to become cherished keepsakes.

Children's Photo Frame Ideas

Create a delightful hanging frame for your child's photo from a common kitchen utensil. Tie a colorful ribbon through an open-ended cookie cutter that is shaped like a star, heart, flower, bell or apple. Insert the photo into the cookie cutter and hold it into place with glue dots or clear tape. These frames make charming holiday gifts and ornaments! Making frames can be a fun family project. Let the kids make their own creative picture frames by gluing macaroni or pasta onto cutout cardboard. They can paint them with acrylic or poster paints. Option: Let the children customize purchased mats with crayon or marker art. Glue colorful pencils or crayons together to make a frame. Assemble tinker toys, dominoes, jigsaw puzzle pieces, math manipulatives or colorful game pieces around a child's picture to make a fun collage frame.

Masculine Frames

Clear acrylic photo frames are available at most discount stores. These inexpensive plastic easel frames are easy to decorate and customize with items that reflect the hobbies and interests of the man in the photo. Frame his favorite fishing portrait by hot-gluing fishing lures around the front edge of the frame. Glue colorful tees around the frame to display his golf picture. Think of other small items to personalize his frame such as word game and puzzle pieces, postage stamps, dice, theatre or opera tickets, playing cards, coins and memorabilia from school or travel.

Feminine Frames

Create a picture frame with style and personality. Glamor girls love glitz and glitter. Spray paint an old frame with shiny metallic paint. While the paint is still tacky, sprinkle with glitter. Add faux jewels, sequins and beads for extra sparkle. Any woman would love a pretty mosaic frame. Assemble colored paper squares and paste them on an easel-backed cardboard frame. Paint the frame with a protective coat of decoupage finish that dries clear. Make a fun photo magnet out of black foamcore and colorful buttons. Cut a heart-shaped frame out of foamcore. Decorate with buttons (attached with glue). Insert photo, add a cardboard backer and a thin magnetic strip. Use your imagination to create other shapes and designs.