Baskets have been a household staple for years. They can hold magazines, towels and silverware. They can also serve as decorations all over the house. Baskets do, however, have a tendency to accumulate and hold dust, which because of their rough texture and nooks and crannies can be difficult to clean.

The uneven texture of a basket can make it difficult to clean.

Step 1

Clean unfinished wicker baskets gently, using the brush attachment of your vacuum. If there is any lint or dirt in between the wicker work, softly use a dry toothbrush or cotton swab to clean it.

Step 2

Spray a basket with a glossy paint or varnish finish lightly with a water and vinegar solution. Be careful not to get it soaked because it can hurt delicate basketry. If it doesn't get good and dry, it can mildew or even rot.

Step 3

Wipe down a damp basket with a lint-free cloth, like a cloth diaper. Be careful not to snag the basket and pull and the wicker work. Blot instead of wipe the more delicate places.

Step 4

Sun dry baskets that are even a little damp. Don't dry it near a heater or radiator. The heat can cause the basket to warp.

Step 5

Clean a basket that has a good, protective finish on it with a little dish liquid and water on a rag. Use the toothbrush to gently brush any dirty areas. Don't over wet the basket. Rinse it with a wet wrung out rag and blot it as dry as you can. Then, let it sun or air dry.