How to Set a Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock

In 1810, Seth Thomas purchased his mentor's factory at the age of 22. Thomas' clock designs included mantle clocks, wall clocks, table clocks and grandfather clocks. Also known as floor clocks, a grandfather clock needs to be properly installed to ensure it keeps accurate time, as well as prevent damage to the clock itself.

American pioneer Seth Thomas built elebaorate grandfather clocks

Step 1

Move the grandfather clock as close to its final location as possible.

Step 2

Open the front door, side panel and rear door to remove the cardboard inserts.

Step 3

Lay a level alongside the grandfather clock cabinet from front to back and side to side. Adjust each leveler until the entire unit is level. Ensure the clock is firm on the floor.

Step 4

Remove the clear protective film covering the pendulum disk.

Step 5

Locate the pendulum guide with one hand and slip the pendulum through the front door with your other hand. Place the hook over the pin and lower the pendulum until it is hanging securely on its guide.

Step 6

Look at the grandfather clock to begin hanging its weights. On the bottom of each weight it is labeled "left," "center" and "right." Hang each weight on its respective pulley.

Step 7

Move the minute hand counterclockwise. The hour hand will adjust automatically. Turn it until the two hands are at the correct time. The movement has a self-correcting feature and will synchronize the chimes in time.

Step 8

Reach inside the front door of the clock, placing your hand on the right side of the pendulum disk. Move the disk to the far left and release.

Step 9

Remove all foam blocks 24 hours after the clock has been in operation by lifting the blocks straight up until they clear the cable pulley.