Over time, drapery rods can get worn and, in some cases, stuck. There are two main reasons why your curtain rod will stick. The first is a jammed or stuck roller. The second is a bend in the rod track itself, which will prevent your curtains from opening or closing to a certain point. With a few easy steps, however, you can troubleshoot and fix your stuck drapery rod.

Stuck drapery rods can be fixed with a little time and effort.

Step 1

Open or close your draperies to the place where they are actually sticking.

Step 2

Set ladder at the base of your curtains, climb it and visually inspect your curtain rod.

Step 3

Examine the rod track of your drapery. If you see any places where the track itself may be bent, work it back into place by gently bending it to the correct position with your pliers.

Step 4

Check your main roller and pulleys where you use the pull string (or similar mechanism) to open and close your drapes. Try to move them with your fingers to see if they are moving or rolling properly. If they are stuck, work them free using a flat-head screwdriver.

Step 5

Apply a small coating of WD-40 along the track and on the pulleys and rollers. Be careful not to spray too much at once because you do not want the liquid to get on your drapes.