How to Tell What the Value Is of Retired Limoges Trinket Boxes

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Limoges trinket boxes are collectible porcelain items made in Limoges, France. The boxes may feature animals, flowers, designs or landscape scenes. A retired Limoges box can fetch a nice price at auction, but are you sure your Limoges collectible is genuine and no longer produced? If you're not planning to sell your Limoges boxes, should you have them insured against fire or theft? Knowing the value of your Limoges boxes can help you sell them, care for them and insure yourself against loss of your valuables.

Step 1

Learn as much as you can about when your Limoges boxes were made by reading the company's website, Limoges-boxes (see Resources) and Are you sure your Limoges trinkets are retired? Check the underside of your boxes for the following set of identifying marks: the words "Peint Main," an artist's stamp or initials, and the location "Limoges, France." If your trinket doesn't bear these marks, it may be a reproduction.

Step 2

Visit your local bookstore or library to find books about Limoges collectibles. Mary Frank Gaston's "Collectible Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain" and Debby DuBay's "Antique Trader Limoges Price Guide" feature hundreds of photographs of collectible and retired Limoges trinkets with tips on identifying and valuing them.

Step 3

Search for auctions of Limoges products at Old and Sold, a collectible auction database. Write down the final sale price of Limoges collectible boxes that resemble yours or that date from a similar era.

Step 4

Contact Limoges expert Debby Dubay at her website, Debby Dubay offers Limoges appraisals and events for Limoges collectors. Discuss setting up an appraisal with Debby Dubay. Check if there are any events coming up that can help you learn how to value your collectible boxes.

Step 5

Locate an appraiser for your Limoges trinket boxes through the American Society of Appraisers "Find an Appraiser" box. Contact several appraisers near you to ask what experience they have with Limoges boxes and how much they charge. Arrange an appointment with an appraiser who can provide references and a resume that demonstrates experience appraising Limoges products.

Step 6

Check the appraiser's references.

Step 7

Discuss the appraised value with the appraiser after your appointment. If you intend to sell the collectible items, ask the appraiser for suggestions on how to find buyers. Make sure you understand how to care for and properly store your Limoges boxes.

Step 8

Obtain a second appraiser if you feel the appraised value was especially low.

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