Problems With the Wick Staying Lit in a Lampe Berger

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Lampe Berger lamps fill your home with fragrance.

Lampe Berger lamps are fashionable and functional devices that purify the air and spread fragrance throughout your home. You can troubleshoot wick-lighting issues with proper placement and regular cleaning.



If your Lampe Berger wick does not stay lit while your stone heats up pull it upward or push it down into the stone. Do not let your wick become fully saturated or it will not stay lit. Fill your lamp no more than two-thirds full to ensure proper air flow throughout the wick and stone assembly.


Clean your wick and stone assembly regularly by placing it in a jar filled with isopropyl alcohol. Tighten the jar lid and let the wick assembly soak until the alcohol turns light brown. Carbon deposits will have been pulled out of the wick.



Keep several wick and stone assemblies soaking and rotate them through your lamp. Place a clean wick and stone into your lamp and light it immediately. Place the used assembly in a jar of fresh isopropyl alcohol, closed tightly, for later use.



Tammy Moore

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