Most Common Repairs to a Maytag Washer

Maytag is an established brand name in the commercial appliance industry in the U.S.. The company manufacturers a number of appliances, including washers that are sold in retail stores nationwide. Certain washing machines have been recalled for various issues over the years, and consumers have reported common problems with Maytag washers.

Fire Hazard

On March 21, 2007, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall notice for Maytag front-load washing machines because of the potential of a fire hazard. The recall was provided in coordination with Maytag and Samsung, which also sells the washer under its brand name. The recall included 250,000 Maytag washers with the following model numbers: MAH9700 and MAH8700. The model number is found listed on a tag located near the bottom of the door opening, according to the official recall notice. Only those models with these serial numbers are included in the recall: GA, GC, GE, GG, GJ, GL, GN, GP, GR, GT, GV and GX for 2005 models and JA, JC, JE, JG, JJ, JL and JN for 2006 models. Consumers likely purchased the washer from major department and home appliance stores between April 2005 and August 2006. The potential of fire hazard exists when water leaks onto the electrical connections to the machine's thermal connectors, which can result in an electrical short. This issue presents a possible fire hazard to consumers. Since the date of the recall notice, Maytag acknowledged five reports of the circuit board igniting from this leakage problem. However, no injuries, deaths or damage beyond machine failure occurred. Contact Maytag for a no-cost repair at 800-868-5109.

Defective Spinner

Approximately 5,000 Maytag washers were recalled for faulty spinners on September 27, 2005. Maytag issued a recall of front-load washers (model number MAH9700 and serial numbers beginning 10188468GA and ending 11683946GJ). Major department stores and home appliance retailers sold the machines from April 2005 through May 2005. Using the washer at full load capacity puts the washer's spinner at risk of breaking and thus can cause injury to consumers. Contact Maytag at 800-462-9267 for a free replacement of the washer's control board.


Consumers of Maytag Neptune washers complain of an odor that smells like mold emanating from their machines on Consumer The odor is most apparent when the machine is on although consumers have reported that the smell lingers when the machine is off and transfers to clothing once washed. Upon following instructions from Maytag to clean the machine's washer tub with bleach, the odor still persists, promoting consumers to contact Maytag for repair and machine replacement when still covered under warranty.