How to Use a No Tumble Electrolux Drying Rack

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Never use a heat setting to dry items on the rack that contain feathers, rubber, foam rubber, plastic or other materials that can burn or melt. Never hang wet items such as shoelaces through the holes on the rack. Additionally, never hang anything over the sides.

The "no tumble" drying rack for Electrolux dryers is a removable rack designed with holes that allow air to pass above, below and through wet items to increase drying efficiency. The rack also makes it possible for you to dry wet fabric, clothing and other items that might crease, wrinkle or become damaged when tumble-dried. Although rack styles vary by dryer model and include folding and non-folding types, every rack fits and secures quickly and simply into the dryer drum.


Step 1

Open your Electrolux dryer door. If you have a folding no tumble drying rack, unfold the one-piece leg support on the back, grasp the back and front ends of the rack and pull the back away from the front until you feel or hear a click indicating that you've locked the rack in the extended position.

Step 2

Insert the rack level within the dryer. If you have a folding rack, rest the one-piece leg support on the moisture sensor bars at the back of the drum and the two front legs on the air grill at the front. If you have a non-folding rack, position it in the drum so that the tabs on the front of the rack hook over the front of the drum frame.


Step 3

Position wet clothing on the rack. Smooth out any wrinkles in the fabric.

Step 4

Close the dryer door. Select your heat or no heat drying settings. Wait for the items to dry.

Step 5

Remove the items from the rack after they dry. Remove the rack from the dryer. If you have a folding rack, press the tabs on the top of the rack to unlock it, push the extended back piece under the front piece and then fold the back one-piece leg support into its original position.

Step 6

Store your dryer rack in a dust-free area.



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