How to Clean Lint From a Maytag Performa Washer

One important home maintenance task is to keep your washing machine free of lint. Many washing machines have lint filters which, if not cleaned regularly, can clog hoses and cause washers to operate poorly or not at all. However, the Maytag Performa has an automatic lint filtering system that continually filters and re-filters water during the wash cycle. Lint is trapped in a specially-engineered hole and is flushed away during the spin cycle. Because of this, conventional maintenance of the lint filter is unnecessary. However, occasionally, lint buildup can still occur.

Step 1

Use a damp sponge or cloth or sponge to wipe the wash basket (also called the wash tub). Pay careful attention to the top and edges of the basket as lint often resides in the gap between the washing machine casing and the basket.

Step 2

Slide the washing machine from the wall and locate the drainage hose. Inspect the inside of the hose for lint. If lint is present, rinse inside of the hose with a gentle stream of water. Reattach the hose when you are finished.

Step 3

Start the empty washer. As the water fills, add 1 cup of white vinegar. (Apple cider vinegar also works equally as well.) The vinegar will loosen any remaining lint. If your freshly-washed clothes have been smelling like mildew or mold, those spores might have been living in your washer on old lint. If so, turn off the washer before the first drain cycle and let the vinegar-water solution sit for several hours before restarting. Otherwise, let the washer cycle continue. The lint, along with any mold or mildew spores, will be flushed away during the drain cycle.