How to Access the Drain Hose in an LG Front-Load Washer

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Things You'll Need

  • Carpet scrap

  • Moving pad

  • Sharp knife


You can lift the front legs of the washer up a few inches and place them on a scrap of carpet or moving pad to help protect the floor when moving the washer.

LG-brand automatic clothes washers and other brands of washers dispose of used washing water by pumping it out through a drain hose into a drain pipe. One end of the drain hose is connected to the back of the washer, while the other end hooks into a drain pipe or nearby sink by means of a gooseneck- or elongated-U-shaped end piece. If you need to access the drain hose in an LG front-load washer, either for service or repair, you can do so fairly easily.

Open the door on the LG washer by grasping the switch on the door and pulling it toward you. Empty out any clothes or other objects inside.

Disrupt the electricity for the washer. If you can reach the electrical plug safely, pull it out of the socket. If not, cut the power for the LG washer at the main circuit breaker. Identify the circuit breaker that controls the washer and flip the switch to "off". There may be identifying labels on the switches or a circuit map on the inside the circuit box.

Pull the LG washer out away from the wall. Have an assistant help you, if your LG front-loader is a heavy machine. Take care not to scratch the floor when moving the washer.

Locate the drain hose for the LG washer, which is about an inch in diameter and will lead from the washer to the drain in the wall or floor. The hose may be corrugated on the outside.

Remove the drain hose from the drain pipe, if needed. The end of the LG hose is shaped with a gooseneck bend (an elongated U) at the end. It may be held in place with clamps or straps in the drain pipe. Cut these before removing the hose.


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