How to Reset the Breaker for a Kenmore Dryer

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Test your Kenmore dryer after resetting it by selecting and starting a heated drying cycle; the appliance should operate normally.


If you are continually having to reset your Kenmore dryer, a faulty internal component may be to blame. Troubleshoot and repair the appliance yourself or contact Kenmore customer support to schedule a service appointment.

Kenmore residential clothes dryers are reliable, easy-to-use appliances that are manufactured by the Whirlpool Corporation. When Kenmore dryers are given regular care and maintenance, it's not unusual to go for years without having to schedule an appointment for repair service. If your Kenmore dryer does malfunction, oftentimes all it takes to solve the problem is a simple circuit breaker reset. Perform this simple reset and have your dryer working again in minutes.


Step 1

Find your home's main circuit breaker box; this box is usually located in the basement, garage or laundry room.

Step 2

Open the door to the circuit breaker box to expose the circuit breaker switches. Locate the switch labeled "Dryer"; this is the switch that supplies the electricity to your appliance.

Step 3

Throw the dryer's circuit breaker switch to the "Off" position; leave the switch in this position for approximately five minutes.

Step 4

Restore the electricity to your Kenmore clothes dryer by flipping the appropriate breaker switch to the "On" position.


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