How to Buy a Used Washer and Dryer

How to Buy a Used Washer and Dryer. The reasons for purchasing a used washer and dryer can vary. You may need to upgrade to a different color or style washer and dryer, or you may simply need to buy new appliances when you move. You can find used washers and dryers in many places, like classified ads or used appliance stores, but you must make sure you get not only what you want, but what you need.

Step 1

Survey your laundry area. Determine if you need a side-by-side or stacked washer and dryer. Measure your space, too, because the capacity of the washer and dryer may make a large difference in size.

Step 2

Think about the features you want in a used washer. Features vary with different brands and models. Some have small through large load size options, permanent press and delicate settings. Consider if extra rinse and a soak cycles are important to you. Newer used appliances often give you more to choose from, such as energy efficiency options.

Step 3

Consider your dryer's power source. You can't use a gas dryer with electric settings, and vice-versa. You must buy a used dryer that works with your home.

Step 4

Ask about a warranty when buying from an appliance store. Appliance stores may offer warranties, even on used washers and dryers, which is an important consideration when purchasing older models.

Step 5

Observe how the machines works, if possible, when individuals offer them for sale. Look for water leaks with the washing machine and hot air leaks with the dryer.

Step 6

Take a truck and a friend with you if you plan to buy a washer and dryer without any available delivery options.