How to Clean the Drain Pump in a Kenmore HE2 Plus Washer

Cleaning the drain pump on a Kenmore HE2 Plus washing machine can help you ensure that the washing machine drains water out of the machine better and may even improve overall washer function. Many objects can get caught in the drain filter, such as small items that fall out of pockets. In addition, lint and dirt can accumulate in the drain filter and impede water from draining properly. Cleaning out the drain filter on a Kenmore HE2 Plus washer is fairly simple to do, but disconnect the washer prior to undertaking any cleaning.

Step 1

Remove the three screws along the bottom of the front access panel with a screwdriver. Remove the access panel.

Step 2

Spread towels on the floor in front of the Kenmore HE2 Plus washing machine. Turn the filter cap counterclockwise in a slow motion.

Step 3

Let the water drain out of the filter and pull the filter out of the Kenmore HE2 Plus washing machine. Clean out the filter with water and a clean cloth.

Step 4

Inspect inside the filter housing for debris and wipe the filter housing clean.

Step 5

Return the filter into place and close the cap in a clockwise motion.