How Do I Change the Belt on My Maytag Dryer?

Maytag dryers require little maintenance to last for years. Simply keeping your dryer clean and free of lint is often enough. Dryer belts wear out over time and may even break without warning, regardless of how well you maintained your dryer. When you hear a loud bang and your dryer drum comes to a sudden halt, your belt has broken and needs replacing. Old style Maytag dryers manufactured before 1979 and Maytag dryers manufactured after 1979 require different, general steps for replacing the belt.

Belt Change for Old Style Dryer

Step 1

Disconnect the electrical power.

Step 2

Slide the dryer out and disconnect the exhaust. For gas dryers, shut off the gas and disconnect the gas line.

Step 3

Remove the screws from the back panel and remove the panel.

Step 4

Roll belt 3-11013 off the reduction pulley. Roll belt 3-11012 belt off the drum pulley.

Step 5

Remove the reduction pulley spring. Remove both of the belts.

Step 6

Place the new 3-11013 belt on the blower pulley and behind the drum pulley. Pull the belt through the pulley and into position.

Step 7

Place both of the belts behind the idler spring.

Step 8

Place the new 3-11012 belt on the drum pulley. Rotate the drum to position the belt. Move the reduction pulley as you rotate the drum.

Step 9

Place the 3-11013 belt on the motor and rotate the belt on the large side of the idler pulley.

Step 10

Replace the back panel. For gas dryers, reconnect the gas lines and check for leaks. Reinstall the exhaust.

Step 11

Slide the dryer back and reconnect the electrical power.

Belt Change for 1979-98 Dryer

Step 12

Disconnect the electrical power.

Step 13

Remove the two screws in the lower corner of the front panel. Swing the panel out. Remove the two screws on each side of the tumbler front and remove the front.

Step 14

Reach under the tumbler and remove the drive belt and idler pulleys. Slip the belt off the tumbler.

Step 15

Place the new belt, smooth side down, over the top of the tumbler. Lift up on the tumbler and position the belt between the bottom of the tumbler and the blower, 1 1/2-inches in front of the back screws.

Step 16

Place your left arm on the left side of the tumbler, close to the blower. Use your right hand to loop the belt over the top of the motor pulley. Properly seat the belt with the grooves against the pulley.

Step 17

Use your left hand to loop the belt under the motor pulley.

Step 18

Use your right hand to position the belt over the top of the idler pulley. Push the idler pulley up to the left and work the belt until almost entirely around the idler pulley. Use your left hand to push the belt, between the idler pulley and the belt guide, over the bottom of the pulley.

Step 19

Use both hands and feel that the belt is properly positioned in the middle of the idler pulley. Lift up, push back on the idler pulley and slowly turn the tumbler, clockwise, two revolutions to allow the belt to align properly.

Step 20

Replace the tumbler front and the front panel. Reconnect the electrical power.