How to Replace a Roper Dryer Drive Belt

The drive belt in a Roper dryer may need to be replaced due to normal wear or to damage caused by related parts, such as the idler pulley. The belt may have a number of slots, and the dryer unit's drum may have a corresponding groove designed to guide the belt to prevent slippage and lateral movement. Replacing the belt is a fairly straightforward job, but it's important to check the drum for proper alignment prior to closing up the dryer cabinet and operating the dryer.

Step 1

Unplug the dryer's electrical cord from the wall outlet.

Step 2

Lift the lint screen cover on the top of the dryer and pull out the lint screen. Remove the two screws underneath the cover, using a screwdriver.

Step 3

Slide a putty knife between the top panel and the cabinet of the dryer on both sides near the front. Lift up and dislodge the plastic clips to release the top from the cabinet. Lift the top of the dryer up and flip it back to rest against the wall or other support.

Step 4

Remove the screw near each the top front corners of the cabinet, securing the front panel to the cabinet, using a socket wrench or nut driver. Lift the front panel up slightly to release its bottom edge from the retaining clips.

Step 5

Tilt the front panel away to the side while supporting the front of the drum. You may need to unclip a small wiring harness at the rear of the front panel. Place wood blocks or another suitable spacer under the front edge of the drum to hold the drum level while you work on the belt.

Step 6

Remove the old belt. You can simply pull it out if it's broken; otherwise, release the belt from the motor pulley by bending the idler (tensioner) pulley toward the motor to release the tension, then slip the belt off of the motor pulley.

Step 7

Fit the new belt around the drum so its grooved or tapered surface faces the drum. Make sure the belt is fully seated in the drum groove and is properly aligned with the motor and idler pulleys. Pinch the belt together to create a small loop and guide both parts of the belt around the idler pulley. Bend the pulley arm toward the motor and slip the loop over the motor pulley. Only one portion of the belt contacts the idler pulley, while the belt loops around the motor pulley.

Step 8

Confirm that the drum is fully seated in the bulkhead at the back of the dryer cabinet and that the felt ring around the drum is not folded over at any point. Remove the wood blocks, and reposition the front panel, making sure the drum is properly seated in its channel on the front panel.

Step 9

Rotate the drum carefully to confirm that the belt is properly aligned with the drum and pulleys. Reinstall the screws at the top corners of the front panel, then reposition top and reinstall the screws under the lint screen cover. Replace the lint screen.