How to Remove the Agitator From a Whirlpool Washing Machine

A washing machine's agitator is designed to help circulate the clothes, cleaning agents and water together to produce a mild scrubbing action. Agitators rarely need replacement, as their plastic design makes them durable. However, the agitator must be removed to access the washer's gearbox, which powers the agitator. Although rare, clothing can become stuck underneath the agitator, thereby necessitating removal. Thankfully, removing the agitator from a Whirlpool washing machine is a simple task which can be performed quickly with common household tools.

Step 1

Open the lid of the Whirlpool washing machine.

Step 2

Remove the agitator's plastic cap, which is a decorative piece that conceals the agitator's retaining bolt. To remove the cap, locate the small cutout along the edge of the cap. Insert the tip of a flathead screwdriver into the cutout, then pry the cap free with the screwdriver.

Step 3

Remove the plastic cap located just beneath the agitator's cap, if applicable. The plastic cap, sometimes referred to as a "post cap," is present on more recent Whirlpool models. To remove the cap, simply pull the cap out of the agitator.

Step 4

Remove the agitator's single retaining bolt with a wrench. The retaining bolt is located in the center of the agitator.

Step 5

Remove the agitator's auger. The auger is the threaded portion of the agitator and is used to twist the contents of the washer. The auger can be removed by simply pulling it straight up and out of the washer.

Step 6

Remove the base of the agitator. Grasp the base on opposite sides, then pull the agitator up and out of the washer.