GE Profile Harmony Touch Screen Problems

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GE designed some Profile Harmony washing models with a touch-screen interface that is used in conjunction with many of the standard buttons found on washers. The touch screen is used to change options for your wash cycle. When the touch screen doesn't work, you can't use all of the machine's functions. In some cases, the washer won't turn on when the touch screen isn't working. Troubleshooting the device can often return touch screen functionality.

Blank Screen

GE designed the Profile Harmony washing machines with a screen timeout feature, which shuts off the screen after five minutes of inactivity to conserve power. A blank screen is not an indication of a problem with the touch screen. The washing machine does not have an adjustable setting for the screen timeout feature; you can't make changes so that the screen is always on. To turn the screen on again, press any of the control buttons or tap the screen.


Problems with the touch screen could indicate a problem with the washing machine's electronics. Resetting the washing machine's electronics can clear the errors causing the machine not to operate. To reset the washing machine, unplug the machine and wait for two minutes. Plug the machine back into the electrical outlet and press the "Power" button. Tap some of the functions on the screen to see if the machine is now working after the reset.

Double Beep When Tapping Screen

You may notice when using the touch screen that the machine makes a double beep when choosing some options. The touch screen doesn't change when you hear the double beep, and the washing machine does not start. This alert is informing you that the option you selected is not available for the wash mode you're using, or that there is a problem with the washer that will prevent it from operating with that option. For example, if the washing machine lid isn't fully closed, you will hear a double beep when choosing some of the options on the touch screen.


Some problems with the GE Profile Harmony touch screen are beyond the scope of simple troubleshooting and require professional service. If resetting the unit doesn't return functionality to the touch screen, and the problem isn't with other washing machine settings, contact a service repair facility. The machine's warranty covers problems with the main electronics control board for up to five years. Contact GE if your washing machine is still under warranty for more information on how to get the machine repaired.


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