Samsung Washer Won't Spin

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It is important for your Samsung washer to be able to spin before you move the clothing from the washer to your dryer. The spin cycle helps remove much of the moisture from your clothing. Clothes that don't go through the spin cycle are very wet and will take a long time to dry if they are placed in the dryer in this wet state. This causes your dryer to use more energy, resulting in higher energy bills. Samsung offers a few recommendations to help troubleshoot the possible reasons why your washer won't spin.


Step 1

Check your breaker box and examine the breaker associated with your washer. If this breaker is in the "Off" position, there may have been a power surge that turned off your washer, thus making it impossible for your washer to spin. Flip this switch to "On" to bring the washing machine back to its normal operational state.

Step 2

Move the appliance from the wall and straighten the drain hoses, particularly if they have been pinched between the wall and the appliance or if they are twisted. If the hose impedes the flow of water from the machine, the washer will not spin.


Step 3

Press firmly on the washer door to make sure it is closed all the way. Samsung washing machines — and most washing machines — are designed to not operate unless the washer door is closed.

Step 4

Open the debris filter on the front of the washer by pressing and then pulling the cover handle toward yourself. Pull the drain tube and allow it to drain into a bucket. Turn the debris cap to access the debris filter. Hold the debris filter under running tap water to clean it. Once the debris filter is clean and put back in place, the washer draining/spinning issue should no longer be a problem.


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