Frigidaire Washer Error Code E70

Consumer washers made by Frigidaire today are more than simple machines. Besides washing dirty laundry, these units are capable of diagnosing most internal errors and signaling in a way that common consumers are able to understand. Rather than just a series of beeps, this signal also comes as a letter and number combination shown on the unit's display screen.


The "E70" error code on a Frigidaire washer is displayed in two ways. First, you will hear seven solid beeps coming from the washing machine itself. Then the unit's digital display window will show the code "E70."


The "E70" error code lets consumers know that cold water is not entering the washer properly. There are several possible causes for this problem.

Causes and Solutions

Correct the "E70" error code on your Frigidaire washer by ensuring that the cold water faucet is turned on and there is a proper connection between the washing machine and the water source. If the problem persists, you will need to call an authorized service technician.

Other Error Codes

Other common error codes on a Frigidaire washer include "E10," which signals a water leak of lack of water entering the machine, and "E20," a water drainage issue. The "E30" code indicates an overfilled drum, "E40" signals that the washer door is open, "E50" indicates an overheated motor and "EF0" identifies either an issue with over-sudsing or a lack of hot water entering the machine.