My Frigidaire Dryer Has a Squeak While Running

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There are several reasons why your Frigidaire clothes dryer might squeak while running. The issue is usually caused by a component that's failing or bad. Try to identify what's producing the squeak, so you can quiet your dryer and ensure it continues to operate fully in the future. Although the dryer might appear to function normally despite the noise, the problem can worsen and impact its performance if you let it continue without addressing it.


Damaged Drum Wheels

Certain Frigidaire clothes dryers have small wheels, also known as rollers, on the outside of the drum. They help move it in a circular motion, so that clothes dry evenly. If one or more wheels break, this can produce an irritating squeaky noise when the drum tumbles cloths. Remove the main access panel of your dryer to view the drum. Inspect the condition of each of its wheels. If any one of them shows signs of wear, replace the entire set to eliminate the noise.

Deteriorating Drum Bearing

If your Frigidaire clothes dryer model doesn't have rollers, it probably has a drum bearing or center spindle. The bearing props up the drum and permits it to spin in a uniform fashion without hitting the cabinet sides. If this component wears, it's likely to cause the drum to rub against the cabinet, and as a result can cause a squeal or squeak each time the two parts connect. Contact a dryer repair specialist to evaluate the drum bearing and substitute the component if it's faulty.


Failing Idler Pulley Wheel

Check the idler pulley for wear if you hear persistent squeaks from your Frigidaire clothes dryer. The idler pulley keeps tension on the drum belt, so it rotates smoothly. It has three main parts: a wheel, bracket and spring. The squeak is usually caused by a wheel that becomes so stiff that it struggles to turn, while also attempting to maintain tension on the belt. Consult your dryer's user guide for help locating the idler pulley. Once located, try to turn the wheel with your hand. If the wheel doesn't turn easily or squeaks as it revolves, change out the entire component. After the new idler pulley is installed, the squeak should stop.


Loose Belt

The belt on a Frigidaire clothes dryer is a big rubber band that goes around the drum, over the idler pulley and under the motor for a complete loop. It stabilizes the drum and helps it rotate. However, the component, being rubber, is also elastic, which means that it can stretch. When the belt stretches, it can slip from its position on the drum and cause the drum to spin erratically. Depending how loose it is, it can produce either a slight squeak or continuous squeal as it tries to retain its grip on the turning drum. You can't reposition or repair an overstretched belt. It must be replaced to quiet your dryer and ensure the drum rotates steadily.


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