LG dryers come with error codes that display via multiple methods. The traditional method is the LCD flashing error code sequence, which displays either number- or letter-based errors. The second, newer method involves errors expressed by tones that can be diagnosed by LG-trained professionals.

CL Error Code

When CL appears on LG dryers, the error code indicates there is a communication link error between the main dryer controls and the control board. Either replace the dryer or the display board and control board.

tE1 Error Code

The "tE1" error has to do with the dryer's thermistor. The code indicates the thermistor is open, meaning that it has cracked or broken off. Refer to the LG customer service website and the dryer model number to find the proper replacement part. Installation may require the help of a repairman.

tE2 Error Code

Just like the "tE1" error, the "tE2" error has to do with the thermistor. The code indicates the thermistor has shorted and must be replaced. The location of the thermistor for every LG dryer model is different, so refer to the customer service website or the dryer manual to find it.


Commercial LG dryers use card readers for proper credits on the dryer. The wire that connects the card reader can be broken or become unattached. When this occurs, the "CRE" error will flash on the dryer. Check the wire and replace it as needed. The wire runs from the back of the card reader and into the dryer's main control board.

Tone-Based Errors

LG dryers purchased in 2011 and beyond will come with LG's Smart Diagnosis. When an error occurs, call the LG service department and follow their instructions. You will press a series of buttons on your dryer, and a toned error message will play through the phone. The LG service department will then provide repair instructions according to the error.