How to Fix the Heating Element on a Bosch Front Load Dryer

As you use your Bosch front-loading dryer, you might experience problems with its heat output. Before rushing to the assumption that the heating element is bad, you can do a little minor troubleshooting. You might discover something else is to blame for the heat problem. If not, you can work on replacing the heating element on your own or with the assistance of a technician.

Fuse/Breaker Problem

Before assuming that you have a bad internal component in the dryer, take a look at your breaker box or fuse box in your home. Dryers operate on either two fuses or two breakers. If one of those goes out, the dryer can have power and no heat. This is a common cause of a dryer not heating. If you discover a blown fuse, then replace it. If you discover a tripped breaker, reset it.

Moisture Sensor Problem

This moisture sensor on your Bosch dryer plays a vital part in the drying process. If the laundry is not getting dry and the moisture sensor is dirty, you might thing the heating element is bad when the sensor actually just needs cleaned. The sensor, which is made up of two bars, is located inside the dryer right beside the lint screen. Use a clean cloth and some white vinegar to wipe off the moisture sensor and get the dryer to heating properly. Bosch recommends cleaning the sensor in this manner monthly.

Exhaust Duct Problem

If the exhaust duct is blocked, it can cause the dryer to have problems drying the laundry. This does not mean that the heating element is bad, it just means that you need to clear the exhaust duct. You can easily determine if the exhaust is blocked or clogged by powering on the dryer and holding your hand under the exhaust duct vent. If there is no air flow, then it is blocked. You have to reach in, or use a long tool, to clear any blockage in the exhaust duct. You can even disconnect it from the back of the dryer and use a vacuum to clean it out. Also try taking a look behind the dryer to confirm that the part of the exhaust behind it does not have a kink in it. If it does, you need to straighten it out.

Motor Temperature Problem

If you have been continuously running your Bosch dryer, you might have overheated the motor. When the motor gets too hot, it does not heat up to dry the laundry properly. To get the dryer back to proper working order, you need to power it off for 30 minutes so that the motor can cool down. Once that period has passed, power the dryer back on and resume the drying cycle. If this does not solve the problem, you might have a faulty internal component. A qualified Bosch technician can run a diagnostic on the machine for you so that the cause of the problem can be determined and fixed. You can call Bosch for service at 800-944-2904.

Replacing The Heating Element

If you are comfortable doing the repair on your own, you can get the parts and replace the heating element yourself. You can order the heating element replacement from a local appliance parts shop or directly from Bosch. Prices vary. Before attempting the repair, you need to disconnect power to the dryer. Once that is done, remove the front bottom panel of the dryer by taking out the two screws in each bottom corner. The panel lifts off to expose the internal components of the dryer. The heating element is mounted in a rectangle frame. Take the screws out of the frame to remove it. Disconnect the wires from the heating element with a pair of pliers so that you can remove the bad heating element. Replace it with the new heating element and reconnect the wires. Reassemble all of the pieces you took apart and you are done replacing the heating element.

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