What Causes a Top-loading Whirlpool Washer to Leak Underneath?

The Whirlpool Corporation, headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, offers consumer appliances, including washing machines. As of 2011, it offers three types of washing machines: compact, top-loading and front-loading. These washers have different features and specifications, but they also experience common problems, including leaks. The cause of the leak determines how easy the problem is to fix. Contact an authorized Whirlpool service technician if you cannot repair the leaking problem.


You normally see water underneath your Whirlpool washing machine due to the fill or drainage hoses. Water drips out of these hoses and collects underneath or around your washing machine. Tighten the hose connections if loose. Check the fill hose flat washers, and see if they are installed correctly. Check that the drain hose fits properly into the standpipe. If the drain hose is too loose, tighten the connection. See if any of these hoses are clogged, which can cause water backups. Examine the hoses, and see if they are split or cracked. Replace any defective hoses.

Household Drains/Pump

Your household plumbing may be the culprit if you see water underneath your washer. Blockages in pumping can cause water backups and leaks. You must examine all pipes. If you are unfamiliar with household plumbing, contact a certified plumber. Open up the main housing and examine the pump, especially if your washer is leaking all of the time. Wait until the tub fills up with water, and stop the cycle. See if the pump is leaking or cracked. Get a new pump, if necessary.


If the tub itself is leaking, check the main tub seal, which is positioned between the outer tub and the transmission. Let the washer fill up with water, and then remove the main access panel. Examine the seal. If it's defective, you'll see the leak. Contact a technician to assist you with this repair. If the outer tub is cracked or rusted, this is often a difficult and expensive repair. The water inlet valve connects to both fill hoses and the washer. This component often leaks when it's breaking down. Replace it. If the valve is fine, check the tube that runs from the valve to the air gap. This can leak if it cracks. Replace the tube, if necessary.

Additional Causes of Leaks

If you overload your Whirlpool washer, this causes leaks as water bounces off of the load. Always evenly distribute clothing within in the tub, and verify that the washer is level. Keep the washer lid closed. Check the air gap device, which is located on the water-inlet valve. This plastic device can crack or warp after a while. Replace it if defective.