Can I Use Dryer Sheets in LG Dryers?

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Dryer sheets serve as both static reducers and fabric softeners when you use them in a clothes dryer during the drying cycle. LG, an electronic and electric goods maker, recommends that you do not use dryer sheets in LG dryers and will not honor the manufacturer's warranty if you do use them, due to specific requirements for the maintenance of an LG dryer feature. Alternative options to dryer sheets must be employed to maintain the warranty and keep the LG dryer running properly.


LG Dryer Sheet Restrictions

LG dryers are equipped with a moisture sensor inside the dryer's drum. The moisture sensor uses an electrical charge to determine the moisture level of the clothing so that it can adjust the drying cycle time accordingly. The properties of the dryer sheets that enable them to remove static charge from the clothing disrupt the electrical signal used by the moisture sensor. Dryer sheets leave a layer of residue on the inside parts of a clothes dryer. The residue is one of the ways an LG technician would know that dryer sheets were used and deny warranty claims for repair or replacement.


Benefits of Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are often used as an alternate to liquid fabric softeners due to their dual role of fabric softener and static reducer. Liquid softener often requires a user to coordinate adding the liquid at a precise point in a washing machine's cycle. Newer models allow you to add the liquid at the beginning of the cycle to be dispensed at the proper time automatically. Still, placing a dryer sheet in the dryer with the load is easier than measuring and pouring liquid softener into a washer dispenser. Liquid fabric softener is not able to manage the amount of static that can build within a load of clothing in a tumble dryer.


Alternatives to Dryer Sheets

LG dryer owners who want to maintain their manufacturer's warranties and preserve the functionality of the machines' moisture sensors will need to find an alternative method for achieving the ends of dryer-sheet usage. Satisfy the fabric softening effect of dryer sheets by switching to a liquid fabric softener. The liquid option will leave your clothing softer while not encroaching upon the duty and ability of the LG dryer's moisture sensor. To reduce static, set the dryer's timer to stop the cycle when the clothing is still a bit damp. Most of the static charge occurs after the clothing is dry and continues to make contact with the inside of the dryer and with other clothes tumbling in the drum. Dry friction is the culprit for static. Damp clothing can finish drying on a line or hangers to eliminate the static problem.


Other Uses for Dryer Sheets

Owners of LG dryers who have leftover dryer sheets from use in a different unit can use the dryer sheets in other ways. The static-fighting properties of the sheets would serve you well while cleaning electronics and other parts of the home that capture dust. You can wipe television screens, stereo components and window blinds with dryer sheets to remove the dust and curb some of the static charge that collects it. You can use dryer sheets to eliminate or absorb odors. Use a sheet in old or odorous shoes, in the pockets of coats that have been stored for the season or within the bindings of a book to rid them of musty smells.


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