Whirlpool Duet Washer Trouble Codes

The Whirlpool Corporation offers the Duet line of washers and dryers. These units include front-loading washing machines, and they feature the Duet HT fabric care system, which uses less energy and water to wash your clothes. If your Duet washer isn't working properly, an error code will show up on the display. Repair the issue causing the code. If you can't get the code to clear, contact a Whirlpool technician to assist you.


The "rl" (remove load) error code appears when you are running the "Clean Washer" cycle. You must not have a load of clothes in the washer during this cycle. Remove the clothes from the drum, and restart the cycle. The "Sud" error indicates that the detergent is over-sudsing. The Duet washer automatically combats this by reducing the amount of suds in the washing machine. Let the washer finish the suds-reduction steps. Use less detergent during the next wash cycle.

F5 Errors

The "F5E1" code means that you have not opened or closed the washing machine door for about three wash cycles. This code often appears when you first install the washer. Open and shut the door, and see if that clears the error. The "F5E2" code means that the washer door is not locking when you shut it. Select the "Power" button, and completely close the washer door. See if any items are preventing the door from completely closing. Remove these items. Try restarting your wash cycle.

F8/F9 Errors

The "F8E1" trouble code means that the Duet washer is not getting adequate water supply. Turn on both the hot and cold faucets, and straighten the inlet hoses if they are kinked. Verify that you have not reversed the hot and cold water hoses. Immediately fix this problem. Clean out the inlet hose and the inlet valve screens if they are dirty. Press the "Start/Pause" button twice to clear the code and restart the cycle. The "F9E1" error code means that the drain hose is not properly installed. See if it extends more than 4.5 inches into the standpipe. Pull out some of the hose if necessary. Straighten the hose if it's kinked, and clean out any clogs, using a plastic utensil. Do not install the drainage hose more than 96 inches above the floor.


The "F7E1" error code is a motor drive error. This means that the motor can't turn the drum. Remove some clothes from the drum if it's overloaded. Take off all shipping materials if any are still attached to the washing machine. If you receive any other type of F#E# error code, trying clearing it by pressing the "Power" button. Restart the cycle by pressing the "Power" button again. If the code still doesn't clear, you have a major issue with your Duet washer, and you must get it serviced.