Troubleshooting a Frigidaire Front Load Washing Machine

While they may be a pain and cause a moment's panic, error codes are designed to help the consumer quickly solve the machine's problems. Knowing when you should fix an error code or refer to a professional to put your washer back in working order is as simple as knowing what each code means.

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Troubleshooting a Frigidaire Front Load Washing Machine

Most Common Error Codes

Error codes that alert you to potential problems are easy to fix and shouldn't gobble up your time as you attend to the washer's needs.

EF1 means you need to unclog your drain pump.

EF2 codes mean you have put too much soap in the machine or the water level isn't high enough.

An E11 error means the water supply is taking too long to fill the tub. Check the drain hose for small items, such as zipper parts, lint, coins or toys, that can get caught in the hose. If that doesn't work, you may need to unplug the machine and check out the water pressure from the faucets.

More Serious Error Codes

If you've moved the machine recently or otherwise put it off balance, you may get error codes that reflect the machine's unhappiness with its new location. In this case, you may need to move and/or unplug the machine, so be prepared to put in a little more time and effort to eradicate these error codes.

The EBE and EBF codes point to problems with the console control, which you may need to replace. You can call for a replacement and remove the console face yourself or have a professional handyman install the face plate for you.

E13 is saying there's a problem with the tub leaking or there's a leak in the pressure switch air hose. Check the drain hose if the tub has no leaks and make sure it's installed properly. If the machine continues to report this issue, check the air hose and water level pressure switch to make sure they're working properly.

When to Call for Help

If you've attempted to solve the issue using the basic error codes but still can't get the washer to do what it should, it may be time to throw in the towel and call a professional. The more specific you can be when describing the problem, regardless of what error code the display shows, the easier a repairman can assist you in getting the machine back in washing business.