Whirlpool Washer Code Error F35

Like most modern appliances, the Whirlpool washer has electronic sensors to warn you if something has gone wrong. The "F35" error on a Whirlpool washer signals a problem that needs only a simple fix. Once you have cleared the error, your washer will operate normally.


The "F35" error means that the pressure sensor has failed. The steamer is not properly working or emitting steam into your washer or through the Steamer Electronic Board.


Check the hose connections to the Whirlpool steam port. Ensure the connection is tightly connected and there are no leaks in the hose. Unhook the hose to make sure no dirt or buildup has caused blockage to the washer. Reattach the hose tightly when completed. Make sure the air trap on the inside of the washer is not blocked by clothes or other objects. Use your hand to feel around to dislodge or move any objects.


After you complete the steps, restart the load of laundry and see if the error appears again. If it does, there may be a permanent problem with the Steamer Electronic Board. Contact Whirlpool customer service for more information.