Whirlpool Washer Stylemaster Capacity

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The Whirlpool Stylemaster is a top-loading washing machine that was manufactured in the early 1990s for consumer, not commercial, use. The washer has several different load-size and setting options.


Load Capacity

The Whirlpool Stylemaster has several different load capacities. The wash basin measures 4.5 cubic feet. It can handle everything from extra-small loads of two or three items, to extra-large loads that consist of four to five pairs of jeans tossed in with a dozen heavy sweaters, or a bedspread and sheet set from a king-sized bed.


The Stylemaster also has several cyles to choose from. You can wash clothes on regular, permanent press, or knit settings, combined with heavy, normal, or light cycles, depending on the type of clothing being washed and how many items are in the load.


Other settings

The Stylemaster washer also comes with a soak, or pre-wash, setting for clothes that are extremely dirty. This setting will soak the clothes in soapy water to clean them more thoroughly. There is also a super wash cycle for overweight clothes or other heavy fabric items, like bedspreads and sleeping bags.



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