Pros & Cons of Infusor Washing Machines

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General Electric manufactures washing machines with more efficient water use by implementing their Hydrowave with Infusor wash action. The Hydrowave with Infusor wash system replaces a traditional agitator for stirring the washing machine's water. As with any washing machine, units featuring Hydrowave with Infusor wash systems have advantages and disadvantages. This type of wash system is found in the GE and GE Profile top-load washing machines.



Top-load washing machines with Hydrowave with Infusor systems are more efficient than agitator machines because they use less water, according to GE's website. Hydrowave with Infusor systems accomplish this by implementing a reverse rotation and slow, smooth agitation. Less water and slower rotation not only saves on water, but the machine offers better cleansing and is more gentle on the clothes. Also, Hydrowave with Infusor washing machines feature an auto-loading technology, which matches the amount of clothes and the appropriate water level for cleansing the clothes.


Variable-Speed Motor

GE's Hydrowave with Infusor washing machines have variable-speed electric motors operating the unit. As a result, these washing machines offer a more quiet washing experience. The motor also has a direct drive system; this system provides users with multiple washing and spin speed options.

Energy Star

Energy Star is an international program that rates the energy efficiency of appliances. GE's Hydrowave with Infusor washing machines are qualified by Energy Star. The GE and GE Profile top-load washers with Infusor washing systems save 54 percent and 60 percent in energy consumption, respectively, compared to non-Energy Star GE topload washers.



One disadvantage of GE and GE Profile Hydrowave with Infusor washing machines is the cost compared to machines with agitators. As the time of publication, the average cost of a GE Profile Hydrowave washing machine with Energy Star qualifications ranges between $749 to $1,199. The costs of washing machines with agitators are between $150 to $550.

Other Disadvantages

The basket in GE and GE Profile top-load washers moves freely from time to time because these washing machines do not have brakes for the basket; washing basket brakes are a common feature in other washing machines. Also, GE and GE Profile top-load washers make loud noises while washing if the machines are not level. To stop noises, make sure the machine is at an even level by placing shims underneath the washer's legs.



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