How do I Fix Maytag Washer Error Code LR?

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Maytag washers display error codes to inform owners of possible problems with their washers. An error code displayed as "LR" is a warning that the motor on the Maytag washer may not be running properly. Under the Maytag warranty, the drive motor part will be replaced for free up to a certain time after retail purchase; however, the owner will be charged for other costs including labor and transportation fees. The exact warranty period will be listed in the Maytag washer's operating manual. Prior to calling a repair service, there are several things a consumer can do to ensure that there is not another problem with the washer possibly causing strain to the motor.


Step 1

Unplug the washer from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Unplug the drain hoses and check for plugs or possible obstructions.

Step 3

Straighten all drain hoses to eliminate kinks and ensure that they are tightly reconnected.

Step 4

Clean and check the screens on the inlet hoses at the faucets for possible obstructions.

Step 5

Plug the washer back in to an electrical outlet after a minimum of two minutes of being unplugged.

Step 6

Call a Maytag repair professional if the error code continues to appear. If you attempt to repair the motor itself on your own, you will void the Maytag warranty.



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