How to Balance a Kenmore Top Loading Washing Machine

Top loading washing machines can emit loud noises and vibrations if they are not properly balanced. Imbalanced machines are the result of large loads of clothing that rock the machine causing one or more of the feet to rise off of the floor. Front loading washing machines do not have this problem because there is no side-to-side motion. Kenmore top loading washing machines have self-leveling feet on the rear of the machine and adjustable feet on the front of the machine.

Balancing a washing machine prevents vibrations.

Step 1

Unplug the washing machine's power cord from the electrical socket. Pull the washer away from the wall, or out of the laundry closet, so that it is easily accessible.

Step 2

Grasp the top back of the washer on both sides and tilt it forward until the back feet are off of the ground by 4 inches. Lower the washer gently back to the ground. This maneuver, adjusts the self-leveling rear washer feet so that they are fully extended. You may need the assistance of another person to do this.

Step 3

Place a level on top of the washer near the front edge. Look for the air bubble in the level to determine which side of the washer is out of balance. The side that the bubble leans toward is the side the needs to be raised.

Step 4

Move the level so that it is positioned along the side edge of the washer and check to see if it is level from front to back. If it is level, move it to the other side of the washer and see if it is level.

Step 5

Lift up on the front of the washer and insert a wooden block or brick under the front bottom edge.

Step 6

Crouch down on the floor near the front foot that needs to be raised. Use your fingers to twist the threaded foot clockwise to retract the foot and counterclockwise to extend the foot further. If necessary, adjust the other front foot as well using the same method.

Step 7

Lift up on the top of the washer and slide the block out from under it. Place the level on top of the washer to check that it is level. If the washer is not level, replace the block and continue adjusting the feet until the air bubble is centered in the level.

Step 8

Crouch down on the floor near the front of the washer and use a 14 mm wrench to twist the metal nut on each front foot counterclockwise. Twist each nut until each is tight against the washer and will no longer move.

Step 9

Plug the washer's electrical cord back into the wall.