How to Replace the Thermal Fuse on a Frigidaire Electric Dryer

When it comes to home appliances, safety is a top concern. That's why appliance manufacturers like Frigidaire include a safety component known as a thermal fuse in their electric clothes dryers. When your dryer starts to overheat, the thermal fuse interrupts the electrical flow to the dryer's heating element, preventing a possible appliance fire. Once a thermal fuse has been triggered, you must replace it to restore heat to your Frigidaire dryer.


Step 1

Put safety first when repairing your Frigidaire electric clothes dryer. Unplug the dryer from its power source before beginning your repair.

Step 2

Open the top of the dryer cabinet to access the thermal fuse. Slip a putty knife into the space underneath the dryer's top panel and locate the metal clips approximately 4 inches in from either side. Apply pressure to the clips with the putty knife until they release. Lift the top panel up and lean it back to rest against the wall.

Step 3

Peer into the dryer cabinet to spot the round heating element pan behind the drum; the thermal fuse is the round, white plastic component mounted directly above the element pan.

Step 4

Tug gently on the two wires connected to the thermal fuse to detach them. Remove the two screws that hold the thermal fuse to your Frigidaire dryer; reserve the screws. Discard the spent thermal fuse.

Step 5

Position the replacement thermal fuse just above the element pan. Reinsert the two reserved screws and tighten them with your screwdriver. Attach the two wires to the replacement thermal fuse.

Step 6

Fold the top panel of your Frigidaire dryer down over the dryer cabinet. Apply pressure to the top of the panel until you hear the metal clips engage.