How to Make a Dryer Ventless

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If you are in an apartment or condominium complex, check building codes before using this method. Make sure the room where the dryer is located has plenty of ventilation so the room does not become overly warm or moist. Replace water in the trap when it becomes full of lint. The amount of water may increase in the lint trap because of the moisture caused by the dryer, so check it regularly.

Having a dryer in your home is very convenient.

Having your own washer and dryer is much more convenient than going to the laundromat. You don't have to take your laundry anywhere and you are not required to have exact change to run the machines. If you live in an apartment or a mobile home that does not allow you to vent a dryer, there is still a way to do laundry in your own place without purchasing a new ventless dryer.

Step 1

Determine if the dryer is gas or electric. Use this process for electric dryers only. Remove any existing ductwork from the back of the dryer.

Step 2

Place one end of the flexible silver duct on the vent hole on the back of the dryer. Place one ring clamp around the duct where it connects to the dryer and tighten the screw on the clamp.

Step 3

Repeat Step 2 on the hole of the lint trap lid.

Step 4

Fill the lint trap base with water to the fill line, usually 1 to 2 inches deep. Snap the lid onto the base.


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