How to Fix a Washing Machine Dial

If the dial on your washing machine constantly pops off, won't turn properly or is no longer catching the metal rod when it turns, you have two choices: you can either spend money to replace it, or you can repair it. In most cases, as long as the dial isn't cracked into pieces, a repair is quick, simple and inexpensive, and it will be just as good as new. You may already have the needed supplies around the house, but if not, they are easy to find and inexpensive. Using clay to reattach the dial keeps it firmly in place and functioning while still allowing it to be removed if necessary.

Keep your washer working and looking as good as new by learning how to fix the dial.

Step 1

Pull the dial off of the machine, if it isn't off already. Do this by grasping the center of the handle of the dial and pulling straight out and away from the machine. It should pop off, similar to an oven dial.

Step 2

Glue any broken pieces on the exterior of the dial back together using a two-part epoxy glue.

Step 3

Wait at least 24 hours for the epoxy to set and cure completely.

Step 4

Stuff a small amount of modeling clay into the cylinder on the back of the dial, loosely filling the cylinder with clay. Be sure to use the type of clay that hardens when exposed to air, and not the type that does not harden or only hardens when baked.

Step 5

Carve out a hole in the clay in the center of the cylinder, using a toothpick or small nail, making the hole slightly smaller than the metal rod that the dial attaches to on the washing machine.

Step 6

Press the dial firmly on to the metal rod, making sure it is firmly in place.

Step 7

Wait for the clay to completely harden. This will take 24-72 hours depending on the type of clay.