How to Replace a Door Seal on a Maytag Front Loader

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Things You'll Need

  • Replacement Maytag bellow

  • Phillip’s screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Socket and ratchet set

Mildew can damage the seal of a front loading washing machine.
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The door seal, also known as the bellow seal, on a front-loading Maytag washing machine prevents water from seeping between the housing of the washing machine and the door. Over time, excessive mildew buildup on the seal can cause the bellow to leak. Hire a repairman to replace the seal or save money by purchasing the seal from Maytag and replacing it yourself.


Step 1

Unplug the washing machine from its electrical outlet.

Step 2

Remove the screws that secure the door to the front of the machine, using the Phillip's screwdriver, and pull off the front panel trim.

Step 3

Grip the front of the rubber seal with pliers and pull it off the frame of the washing machine. The rear portion of the seal will stay connected to the washing machine during this step.

Step 4

Open the soap drawer located on the top of the machine and remove the four Phillip's screws located under the door. Pull the soap drawer out of the washing machine.


Step 5

Remove the Phillip's screws that hold the top to the machine's frame. Lift up the top and remove the Phillip's screws that hold the door switch-lock housing in position. Lift the housing out of the way.

Step 6

Using a socket and ratchet, remove the socket-head bolts that secure the front panel of the washing machine. Pull the front cover off of the washing machine housing, giving you access to the rear portion of the seal.

Step 7

Locate the cable and spring that wrap around the rear of the boot. Make a mental note of the location of the spring because the spring must be reinstalled in the same position. Grip the end of the spring with the pliers and unhook it from the cable. Place the spring and cable aside.


Step 8

Slide the rubber seal off the housing and then slide the replacement rubber seal onto the housing.

Step 9

Wrap the cable and spring around the seal and connect the spring with the clasp at the end of the cable by holding the clasp with one set of pliers and the spring with a second set of pliers. Pull the two together until you can connect the spring and cable.

Step 10

Place the front cover back onto the washing machine and secure it with the correct bolts. Place the door switch-lock housing into place and secure it with the Phillip's screws.


Step 11

Reinstall the screws that secure the top of the washing machine to the frame and reinstall the soap drawer.

Step 12

Pull the front of the seal outward and press the seal onto the lip on the front cover. Reinstall the front trim and the door.



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