Different clothes need to be cleaned in different ways to ensure the fabrics don't become damaged, shrink or lose their color. Hence the various cleaning options available on your washing machine. Your tumble dryer also has a number of options for fabrics and materials. The "Air Fluff" or "Air Only" cycle may seem curious at first, but it actually provides an important role in the cleaning of certain fabrics. Learning when to use Air Fluff will help keep your clothes looking their best for longer.

Learn your tumble dryer's various options and cycles.

The Air Fluff Cycle

Most dryer cycles involve passing warm air around the drum to remove moisture and dry the clothes. Selecting the Air Fluff cycle turns off the heating element or the gas supply and uses cool, room temperature air to gently dry the clothes.


Air Fluff is used to gently remove moisture from delicate fabrics like wool. While the cycle mimics the action of line drying, it may not be suitable for extremely delicate items because of the rotating action of the drum.

Selecting the Cycle

Select Air Fluff using your dryer's cycle selection dial. Different manufacturers give the cycle different names. Look for "Air Dry," "Fluff" or "No Heat" around the edge of the selector dial. Adding heat options to the air dry cycle may result in an error.

Drying Times

The time it takes to dry a full load of clothes on Air Fluff mode is significantly longer compared to regular cycles. The options suits individual or small groups of garments instead of full-sized laundry loads.